Lorenzo Pipes

Good quality pipes are hard to get for South African buyers and pipe smokers.  Before the anti-smoking campaign it was readily available through good Tobacconists - marca dry grpanyone remember Klaus from Tabaccum in Pretoria?

Nowadays we are dependent on whoever are willing to import a product with a relative small market, and worst of all, an so-called "anti-social" product.  Well, we do still have access to Savinelli's, Peterson's, Falcon and the old trusty Keyser. 

There is now also a "new" kid on the block (pun intended).  Not so new anymore, but in our store.  We have partnered with Wesleys who offers a pipe, as far as I understand, commissioned for Wesleys.  An Italian pipe manufacturing company make the marca brand range for Wesleys.  To quote Wesley's experience: "No comebacks, only compliments".

More information on the marca brand pipes are available on Wesleys website. We are happy to offer our online buyers access to these quality, yet affordable pipes!