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Originis of "Vellies"

We have added to our product range a very popular South African shoe known as "Vellies".  Vellies are very comfortable and durable shoes and have a longstanding tradition.

The name "Vellies" derived from "Velskoen"; an old tradition of making shoes from the skin (vel in Afrikaans) of various animals.  The farmer's wasted nothing, so the skins were used for various purposes.  As years gone by, "Vellies" were also associated with shoes, durable enough to wear in the "veld" (bushveld) by farmers and hunters, and so some refer to it as "Veldskoen".  Today, we just call it "Vellies".

Its popularity arise from the fact that they are extremely comfortable and durable and it has become a fashion item for everyday use!  "Vellies" even hit the international market and apparently, Prince Harry wears them regularly. 

From the traditional shape, many variants have been created.  See our product page for more details.