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Handmade vs Factory made Pipes

Today I'm thinking about handmade vs factory made pipes. It started from a video where someone asked why Dunhill pipes are so sought after. See the video here.

I don't want to open a can of worms about Dunhill pipes, rather about the difference, or preference, between hand-made pipes and factory-produced pipes. You will remember I spoke about artistry pipe making versus well-engineered pipes. A well engineered pipe might not be artistically well, charatan reuben eraand vice versa. And according to Fred Hanna, a master pipe maker is one who combine the "engineering" and the artistry. Now, can we say that hand-made pipes or production pipes are superior to the other? Probably not! Some would prefer hand-made pipes for various reasons - the passion of the maker, that it is not mass-produced, or even psychological preference. On the other hand, others would prefer mass-produced pipes because you know what you getting! For one thing, I can say that I have both and I have hand-made pipes that smokes beautifully, but also some which is not so great! And equally so to factory-produced pipes. I am extremely happy with my Savinellis; most of them smokes perfect; but I also have some production pipes that is not so great. Bottom-line; it seems as if their is no inherent superiority of the one above the other. There are many other subjective reasons why we prefer one over the other. And of course, we have a pre-conceived, subjective opinion on some of our pipes and come what may, we would mostly experience that specific pipe as smoking great. What do you say...?