VR Response to Perfect Smoke

This is a VR Response to Perfect Smoke. Now, the idea of a "Perfect Smoke" comes from Fred Hanna's book, which I've read a year ago. Some of us might even argue there is no such thing, and like Sam Pfotenhauer said, means something different for different people.

First of all, thank you to all who commented and joined in the discussion of the previous video. But bare with me... we all recognise that "damn, this is good"-moments (Samuel Thornton Hall). That's what this is all about. In my previous video I asked whether there can be such thing as smoking skills in order to increase the possibilities for obtaining that "perfect smoke moment" - lets call it, "kairos-moment". In Hellenistic Greek, the word καιρός means "the right or opportune moment", that "perfect moment". I have received very valuable comments from all of you - thank you for that. Contributing factors towards that "moment", from the pipe community are:

  • patience level (PipeNutter)
  • the pipe (PipeNutter)
  • the tobacco (PipeNutter)
  • the beverage (PipeNutter)
  • packing & lighting (GentlemanScholar & Bob Reynolds, Samuel Thornton Hall)
  • mood (ie contemplative mood) and psychological state of mind (Daniel Sidaway)
  • no phone or internet distraction (Pipetog)
  • different tobaccos and moisture levels, (Bob Reynolds Olle Wahlroos)
  • different pipes will perform differently (Bob Reynolds)
  • don't allow tongue bite (Mindful Pipe)

I liked Pipe Nutter's remark that its a journey that's important. Its true; even if we didn't achieved that "moment", it was mostly still an enjoyable smoking moment. Thanks to Johan (Mindful Pipe) for the VR. I never thought of my self as an analytical person, but I guess Johan is right - I think I do have an analytical streak in me :-)). So, this is my VR Response to Perfect Smoke. If you haven't joined in, please do. The discussion will never be over :-0.