Mississippi River

I received a tin of Seattle Pipe Club's Mississippi River and was highly impressed.


Mississippi River is a Virginia-based blend with rich Virginias pressed in cakes with oriental leaf, a pinch of Latakia and Perique. misspirverSmooth, creamy, rich, lightly smoky and appropriately sweet blend of Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Perique and Virginia, with hints of dried fruits and a touch of dark chocolate. I could immediately taste the Latakia and the Orientals and even the dark chocolate. The Perique and VA was more subtle, but provided a good balance and some spiciness. Maybe its just me, but I was sure I got some Brandy notes in there too. My favourite Latakia & Orientals remaned prominent throughout the bowl. A medium English blend which might be a nice cross-over for those who would like to try English Blends. No tongue bite which was nice! Over all the tobacco was just the right moist level and stayed lit. Highly recommended. I actually bought another tin and will try and keep this in my cellar.