Top 5 - 2016

Its that time of the year again - Top 5 - 2016. Its almost a year since I've done my top 5 for the year so far - seeing that the year is not over yet. Video here.

Of course I still stand by all my favourites listed on this page; but for the last 6 months, I've been enjoying these 5 tobaccos tremendously. Some of them is new in the sense that I haven't had an opportunity to try them out earlier. Some are old favourites.... So, my top 5 - 2016 until now are:

  1. Balkan Blue McClelland. Blend of Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia Aroma - a healthy earthy smell with a sweet undertone, maybe a roasted or caramelised flavour. The Latakia was there but in the background.balkan blue Taste - smokiness from the Latakia was evident and combined well with the other components; giving you a leathery/old smoky taste with the sweetness playing around in your mouth. The oriental spiciness letting you know its there, not overpowering. Also a nice creamy taste as you progress through the bowl.
  2. Three Oaks (Syrian) Tad Cage (McClelland). Blend of Syrian Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia Aroma - Although the smokiness from the Latakia is clear, its a somewhat more softer smokiness with a hint of sweetness in the background (typical of Syrian Latakia). Also a slight tangy/spicy aroma layered in old musky aromas. Taste - Old leathery prominent with a hint of dark chocolate. Creamy smoke. Spiciness also more evident as you go down in the bowl. Well balanced - no overpowering component.
  3. British Woods McClelland. Blend of Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginiabritish woods Aroma - Healthy woody smokiness with notes of caramel. Taste - Smokiness also clear in the taste, with some notes of earthiness and those Oriental incense spiciness coming through. Smooth creamy/caramel hints playing with your taste buds.
  4. Mississippi River Joe Lankford (Seattle Pipe Club). Blend of Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Perique, Virginia Aroma - Hints of cinnamon, white chocolate & vanilla. Taste - Vanilla, creamy chocolate flavours evident when lighting the pipe. Perique very subtle noticeable. .
  5. Obsidian Russ Oullette (Hearth & Home). Blend of Black Cavendish, Latakia, Perique & Virginia. Aroma - Strong molasses, caramelized sugar with the Latakia smokiness in the obsidianbackground. Slight spiciness. Reminds me of an old musky/leathery smell. Taste - Latakia more prominent on the taste but with the caramel/molasses playing with the smokiness. Further down the bowl, a woodsy/earthy character becomes apparent. Hints of floral/Citrus flavours. The Perique is very much in the background, which I like! The absence of Oriental/Turkish is also quite evident - no oriental incense-like tastes.

See the YouTube video here.