Re-Review Navy Flake

Hallo and welcome pipe smoking community. Apologies for being a while since my last video. It happens every year, this time of the year, that despite that it is a holiday season, its kind of a very busy time. At leat in the Southern hemisphere.

I think the festive tobacco review sg navy flakeseason and activities are little bit different in the Northern hemisphere because this time of the year is our main holiday season seeing that it is sumemr time here. Our whole year, academic and business, evolve around December being the long summer holidays. Everything starts again in January / February. So December, the inland people mirate to our beaches. Because of this, November and the beginning of December is hectic - its as if we want to finish everything that we haven't done during the year before we close down for the full summer holiday. I just didn't got to making another video because I had to arrange a lot of things since my son finished his mechanical engineering degree and will be starting to work in January and we have to move his stuff to Cape Town area. Since today is a public holiday (Reconciliation Day), I have some time to do this video. We're still at home but at least it's kind of holiday atmosphere. I'm smoking S&G Navy FLake in my Savinelli and will be doing a re-review of Navy Flake. But firsts, a shout out to Jessie & Jason LeMaire - they are two very active pipe smoking brothers in our community. Thank you for all the comments and compliments. Now, while smoking Navy FLake again after quite a while recently, I realised again, what I mentioned in my previous video - the changing environment and the changing of our taste buds, and the changing effect of our emotions and our experiences. I reviewed Navy FLake previously and I was not very happy with it. So, packing my pipe again, I was kinda negative about that bowl; maybe also because I don't like extra additives and/or casings - I'm more of a Puritan and like pure tobacco. After lighting my pipe, I was struck (and amazed) on how good that was! I enjoyed it a lot and soon was moking it again in another bowl and another, and since then it was actually my daily smoke for the past week. Confused, I went back to my previous review and just had to edit my review. Actually, I said at the time that there was not enough Latakia is - I don't know how I got lancerthat because this time around, I was struck by the Latakia. Definitely enough. But for the rest, it was still true....Chocolaty, smoky with underlying mouldy, leathery flavours which I think is actually very nice. Everything was just well-balanced. Navy Flake has no oriental/Turkish components. While smoking, it was reminiscent of an old cellar like library or study with a history of hundreds of years. I didn't even noticed the Rum casing if it was not that I read it in my own review. So, appologies if I put others off with my previous review, but this is actually a nice blend. Thank you and enjoy your smoke!