Comparative Reviews

A compartive review of Penzance and GL Pease Quiet Nights.



Apart from my reviews comparative reviews of older and younger tobaccos, I've also done a comparative review of two similar tobaccos - Penzance & GL Pease Quiet Nights. Video review of this comparative review Video review.

Penzance (YouTube Video)

In the tin, a wonderful full Latakia smokiness, reminiscent of sitting next to a camp fire with a spicy undertone somewhere between those nostalgia.Penzance Also some earthiness coming through. Somewhere there, also notes of roasted cocoa or dark chocolate aromas. Taste: On first lite, that same wonderful Latakia / camp fire smokiness was clear. As you progress through the bowl, a sweetness just shows itself every know and then, which reminds you of that roasted cocoa beans or dark chocolate. Right down to the bare ashes at the end, it was a constant interplay of a well-balanced tobacco, with that chocolaty after taste.  

GL Pease Quiet Nights

In the tin, Quiet Nights presented you with a spicy, smokey incense-like aroma within the wonderful full Latakia flavours. Quiet Nights Taste: Immediately after charring the bowl, you are greeted with a silky, creamy smoke, layered in that Latakia smokiness. The incense / orientalness are also prominent, but so delightfully balanced, no one component strikes you in the face. Pepper from the Perique faintly in the background to counter the sweet notes from the Virginia. Again, that feeling of sitting at a campfire on a real Quiet Night.  


Now, comparing these were not easy as they are, IMHO very similar. After comparing probably three or even more bowls, the only real difference I could note, was the more sweet notes from the Penzance than from the Quiet Nights. Those roasted cocoa / dark chocolate aromas and flavours were more prominent than the sweetness presented by the red Virginias in QN. But, both are 4, if not 5 out of 5 star tobaccos and both leaves you with a wonderful contemplative mood - almost sorry the bowls has come to an end.