Pipe Clenching

If you've been smoking a pipe while doing some hobby or while working, you probably learned how to clench a pipe.

Pipe clenching is the "art" of holding and puffing a pipe between your teeth. Its an acquired and important "art" for any pipe smoker who needs both hands, like typing (as I'm doing now and clenching my pipe).

Different pipe shapes and weights will obviously have an effect on the ease(or not) of pipe clenching. In my latest video, I've tested different shapes and weights of pipes for the purpose of pipe clenching. My results was as follows (also after years of clenching and kind off fairly obvious):pietenpauw zulu

    • bent pipes clench easier that straight ones purely because of gravity, but clenching a light straight pipe is no problem
    • the lighter the pipe, the less strain on your jaw
    • a straight or light bent pipe of 13 gr (including the tobacco) was as easy as a 22 gr bent pipe
    • personally, "Oom Paul" shape clench the easiest. A 33 gr "Oom Paul" versus a 33 gr normal bent pipe was notably different. The "Oom Paul" clenched easier as it hangs naturally along your chinpipe shapes savinelli oom paul


Be aware that clenching will leave teeth marks on your stem and may after years of clenching, even cause a hole. I had to replace the stem of my first pipe (noted that it was my only pipe for many years) as I have bitten a hole in it. But that adds to the story and character of your pipe.

So, there you have it. Go watch the video.