Pipe Clenching

If you've been smoking a pipe while doing some hobby or while working, you probably learned how to clench a pipe.

Pipe clenching is the "art" of holding and puffing a pipe between your teeth. Its an acquired and important "art" for any pipe smoker who needs both hands, like typing (as I'm doing now and clenching my pipe).

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Someone asked me to say something (YouTube video here) about Nicotine - or as it is sometimes called among the pipe smoking community -Vitamin N content in pipe tobacco. Of course there is no such Vitamin for the record...



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Marca Pipes

Good quality pipes are hard to get for South African buyers and pipe smokers.  Before the anti-smoking campaign it was readily available through good Tobacconists - anyone remember Klaus from Tabaccum in Pretoria?

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VR Response to Perfect Smoke

This is a VR Response to Perfect Smoke. Now, the idea of a "Perfect Smoke" comes from Fred Hanna's book, which I've read a year ago. Some of us might even argue there is no such thing, and like Sam Pfotenhauer said, means something different for different people.

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Feedback: Cake Experiment

This blog (and YouTube Video) is to give some feedback on my experiment on the layer of cake (aka carbon layer) inside the bowl of your pipe.

A sufficient layer of cake in the bowl of your briar pipes are essential for the preservation as well as the coolness of the smoke.  The general suggestion is to build up a layer of "a dime".  Of course, like everything in the pipe world, some believe in less and others in more.  And so I've tried some suggestions.

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