Who am I no 5

Another edition of who am I # 5 - my interest in food and cooking. I was privileged to be exposed to different culture's food and ways of cooking which spurred my interest.

I find it sad that our "modern" ways of cooking and food is so commercialised and added with colourants, flavourants and preservatives that the real value and old traditions is getting forgotten. Remember how our grand-parents baked their own bread; milked their own cows and those fresh foods are so much more tastier that mass-produced food. Oh, and then there is GMOs - genetically modified organisms. I do understand the need to increase shelf life of products and the demand for food, but wonder if that is really not part of our many modern problems like colon issues, and many other health issues connected to our modern food and GMOs. Indeed, “he who owns the food, owns the world”. That's why I do like to home-cook, experimenting with recipes and tastes and its amazingly satisfying to bake your own bread or rolls. Its really not difficult - if you can read a recipe, you can do it too! I've added some of my recipes here.... Watch the video here and thank you for stopping by....

Also on YouTube.

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