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Who am I - what I believe no 5

Who I am - what I believe no 5 is the next video in my series - covering Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has become "fashion" to minimise and even reject the physical resurrection of Jesus on the basis that "we have gained more modern knowledge and know that resurrection of christit is not possible". But for God everything is possible, yes, also the impossible. Without the resurrection, Jesus is "dead" and has been conquered by the devil's last weapon - death (Rom 3). But for me, the resurrection restores our hope because the resurrection of Jesus Christ conquered the evil destructing powers of this world. As Paul wrote; without the resurrection we are as hopeless as all people without God. The resurrection also affirms the ability of us to change; to reform and to emerge into what we need to become. The resurrection removes the "I can't". The resurrection establishes the belief that we are part and parcel of Jesus' resurrection and can therefore live a victorious life. That doesn’t mean that all will be well and life will be without any problems. But, problems can be overcome; and if not, at least it will not destroy us. It might even take away our life, but it will not destroy us – and here I’m thinking of a lifespan longer than this earthy 80 or so years. I therefore believe that Jesus rose from the dead and that we share that victory over all depressing and evil forces which are trying to neutralise us and steal our freedom and joy. The same power which rose Jesus from the dead, was given to us to go and LIVE. YouTube video here...  


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