Review Latakia and Perique

I'm not necessarily a tobacco expert, but after I heard plenty of pipe smokers talk about their liking of Latakia and/or Perique and other tobaccos, I thought I'd give it a try and do a tobacco review Latakia and Perique.


Latakia, apparently, was "discovered" in Northern Syrian houses - the tobacco leaves were left to dry, hanging from the ceiling. When they latakiarecovered the leaves and smoked it, they were amazed by the smokiness and figured out that it was of years of fire made for food and heat purposes in the homes. Today, the same smokey character is achieved by smoking the leaves with specific wood which resembles as close as possible that original Latakia smell and taste. Due to Latakia's strong flavour, it is usually used in blends, not more than maybe 15% - 20% to give a specific character to a blend. It also works well to bring down the sweetness of a tobacco. Smoking it on its own, it has a very strong smoky / incense / oriental flavour to it. You will either like it or hate it (my wife was not impressed).


Perique was the other tobacco I tested and at first had a very perique presspleasant smell to it - a typical tobacco smell; the smell I remember from when I was a kid. I rather liked it, but its also more found in blends than as a single tobacco. Its origins: a french refugee arrived with Indians and learnt from them the trick of creating this rich tobacco. It was later named after this french guy, Perique. The tobacco leaves are twisted and packed in a empty tree trunk and compressed several periquetimes. During these compression, the juices are extracted which in turn ferments the tobacco leaves slightly, giving it this rich flavour. It is left for 8 - 10 months to develop its full character.

Tobacco Review Latakia and Perique

Enjoyable. I would easily smoke Latakia and Perique on their own, although the Latakia leave a very strong flavour and sent and can be a little overpowering.  


See my video of this discussion here.



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