Who am I no 3

Another interest of mine is philosophy. From the second article, Who am I # 2, I mentioned how I like to think and challenge things. René Descartes was one of those philosophers who coaught my interest.

One of my favorite quotes is "Cogito ergo sum"; the famous quote of Descartes from the 15th century. He wrote a work during the whole existentialism debate on whether things "exists". His conclusion is: the mere fact of being deceived that you might not exists, is already proof that you DO exists; therefore, that you think, must be proof that you actually exists. Following Descartes, thinking and questioning things are important to me. Thinking and questioning about things helps me to get to a better understanding of the things around me and making sense of myself and the world around me.

Just added another video on Who am I # 3.


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