Tobacco Cuts

Tobacco Cuts refers to the manner of shredding, cutting, or preparing tobacco and has an effect on the burning of the tobacco in your pipe. Again, for some experience smokers the tobacco cut will play a more important role than for others - it all depends on your personal liking and availability.

Personally I don't care that much about the cut, but many pipe smokers prefer certain cuts.

Presentation of Tobaccos tobacco

Common cuts are:

  • cake: tobacco is pressed into round disks and must be cut or broken apart before smoking,
  • flake: tobacco is sliced in pieces off of large pressed blocks of tobacco, mostly irregular shaped,
  • rope: tobacco is twirled or spun into thick cords; a more traditional way of preparing and selling tobacco,
  • slices: tobacco is sliced in thicker slices from large pressed blocks of tobacco,
  • broken flakes: tobacco pieces which are broken off of tobacco cake or flake into smaller pieces for better handling and packing,
  • ribbon cut: tobacco is cut into long ribbons,
  • shag: a very fine cut of ribbon cut tobacco,
  • plug: tobacco is pressed in small blocks; to smoke you can either cut the plug in pieces to fit into your bowl, or rub it into sliced cut tobacco,
  • curly cut: tobacco which is sliced in to round circles (coins) from rope tobacco,
  • twist: tobacco is twisted into cords (similar to rope)
  • navy cut: tobacco is wrapped with sweeteners or other flavourings and then cut into twists or curls.tobacco review latakia and perique

So there you have it. All the different types and cut of tobacco.