I’m no tobacco specialist and after a discussion with a tobacco farmer, I can safely say that I know very little about the plant and its transformation to the thing we love to smoke in our pipes.

Nevertheless, I have learnt a few things which helped me make better choices of what I smoke, when and where. In theses pages, I will deal with all kinds of tobaccos and blends as I’ve experienced them over the years. Although everyone wants to have a nice good pipe, the tobacco is equally important in enjoying your smoking experience.

Tobacco Blends

Blending tobaccos can be compared to making wine, or a good Gin, or even a Scotch Whisky. 

The art of blending different varieties and styles of tobacco has brought us a multitude of different tastes.  Broadly, we can classify tobacco blends in the popular English Blend-style, Balkan Blnds, VaPers (Virginia & Perique) and many others. 


Apart from the art of blending, many tobacco distributors also produce, what we call, aromatics.

These are tobacco blends which were "topped" with a particular flavour, like Cherry, Mocha, Vanilla, Plum etc.


To continue on the comparison with wine, tobacco also come in different varieties like Virginia, Latakia, Kentucky etc.

The art of blending is to take quantities of these different varieties (even differently produced and cured) to give us the excellent blends available on the market.

Tobacco Cuts

To add to the mixture, tobaccos are also distributed in different cuts; each providing a different experience while smoking and packing your pipe.  

Tobacco Reviews

There is a saying, "so many heads, so many opinions".  This is equally true with reviews.

Here I provide my opinion on those I've had the privilege to taste.  These opinions are not cast in stone as I've noticed that my taste profile changed over time.  I offer these reviews as a journey...